Conquest Cycling Club began in 2011. What started as small movement of a group of friends has grown bigger and stronger each year. Since 2011 we have trained and participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer charity ride, and in the process have fundraised over $200,000 while creating awareness for many people to join the battle against cancer. We continually aim to advance this movement and encourage others to spread awareness and foster good health through the participation of the Ride in conjunction with the BC Cancer Foundation.


Captain’s Message:

Conquest Cycling Club began in 2011 as a way to show support for my younger sister and her battle with cancer. I started my commitment by raising $2,800.00 and cycling 240 km with avid supporters of The Ride to Conquer Cancer. But in 2012, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and devastatingly followed by my mother, whom I lost to uterine cancer that following year. This pushed me to further my cause. These three monumental women in my life taught me a valuable lesson — to always believe and to never stop fighting for those you love.


Since 2011, it has been my motivation to inspire friends, colleagues, and the community to make a difference and join my quest to rid the world of cancer. Since my first ride, this movement of a group of friends has grown bigger and stronger each year.


Please support our mission and help us grow our movement, as together, we can make a difference.


Raymond Dich, Team Captain